Monday, December 31, 2007

Etsy Bloggers Site Ring

Click on the links in the header to view the Site Ring and the various shops included. Way cool method of viewing the blogs written by shop owners.

Now a Member of Etsy Bloggers Street Team

Due to my time constraints I am no longer a member of Etsy Bloggers Street Team but I'm leaving the link here so others may investigate joining. It is a great team but I am on more teams than I can easily support and this one was the last one I joined. I highly recommend the team.

Kae of Kae1Crafts

I have just joined the Etsy Bloggers Street Team so my blog will have many more posts in 2008. Be sure to come and check it out frequently.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hanger Christmas Trees

Here are a couple of pictures of Christmas Trees made from wire clothes hangers. They are difficult to photograph because they are so shiney. The first view is the tree standing on a glass table and the second image is of the inside showing the crossed hangers. I've used 6 hangers that are interlocked with all of the hooks pointing downward. They are taped together like a star and then a craft wire is fastened around the bottom to make it secure. Once the hangers are secured, I then take garland and wrap it around the tree shaped hangers fastening at each hanger edge with hot glue. Once all the garland is attached, you can add a string of mini-lights if you wish. I don't because these trees are perfect for nursing homes and other places where you don't have a plug-in or lights can't be used. I then add decorations (again using hot glue to keep them in place). To store, I cover with a cloth and put in a dry place until next year. The colors and decoration choices are almost unlimited. Go Trashion and impress all your friends and family.