Sunday, December 6, 2009

Knitting for Charity and Other Tidbits

December is here with snow included so I've been knitting up a storm as have others. Christmas is just around the corner and many projects clamour for attention.
The Share Your Gifts project 2 has just finished with roaring success and they have announced Project 3 - Oklahoma is the state and brain cancer patients are the focus. Just click on the Share Your Gifts link to get all the details and join in this great effort.

The helmet liners for the troops is surging ahead and has expanded to accept afghans to be donated to Ft. Carson's wounded warriors who arrive by medevac usually with no personal effects at all. The Salvation Army coordinator at Ft. Carson creates tubs of necessities and special gifts for these wounded soldiers. We are delighted to assist in this effort.

Now a personal goal is being celebrated - this week I have knit and donated 275 helmet liners since April, 2009. I hope to have 300 by the end of the year - I would like to have more but with the holiday's time becomes precious since I still have some personal knitting to finish.

Yarn sales and donations are always a wonderful event and I've received or found both recently. The patrons of the knit shop have been very generous with purchasing yarn and donating it to the helmet liner project - which keeps my needles busy. Then I went to Michael's the other day and the Paton's Classic Wool in selected colors were marked down to $1.99 a skein. I managed to find 17 skeins that were appropriate colors for the helmet liners. YEA!!! I'm all set until the end of the year.

I've also joined Ravely - an online group for knitters and crocheters - and they have a number of great groups you can join. One is Oddball Charity Knitters - which I joined - and they start a baby blanket, knit a border and 4 inches then mail the blanket still on the needles to the next knitter who adds another 4 inches and on it goes until it the appropriate length and has a border added. Once a number of blankets are completed, they are donated to a selected hospital or charity. This is a great way to use up odd lots of yarn, test new stitches and work with a great group of people. Loads of fun.

Today our oldest granddaughter, Meghan, is singing with the Colorado Springs Youth Choir. This is our first chance to see her perform and we are really looking forward to it. She is having a great time with her music.
Also, I couldn't resist showing this lovely fall picture. Same tree in first photo - oh, how the weather has changed!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mailed My Contribution to Sharing Our Gifts

Well, I managed to knit some mittens for the Alaska project and then a hat to go with the mittens. In the process I learned that knitting mittens were actually easier than the slippers since I used a single strand of yarn for the mittens and double strands for the slippers.

Here is a picture of my efforts.

These were knit from Lion Homespun yarn. This yarn give a lovely soft feel to anything you knit but is challenging because it likes to split off slender threads so you are always struggling to not have splits.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New 50 States Project Announced

Our new Share Our Gifts 50 States project features the Lee Shore Center in Kenai, Alaska. We are to send a hat and mittens (hand crafted only) to arrive by November 25th. Please use the link to read about the details on this great 'giving' opportunity.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

General Update on K-HeLP (Knitted Helmet Liners Project)

We have experienced a small flurry of interest and activity with K-HeLP and wanted to share it with you.
An email from my nephew contained this comment when he received his first 'goodie box' after being deployed to Iraq: "The helmet liners went fast. Once the weather cools down I'm sure I'll have a few guys asking about them. Thanks." He is in a small, isolated group of soldiers and more liners are headed his way in the next box.
A volunteer found our project by 'Googling' - which delighted me when she wrote in support and with enthusiasm as she began her first liner.
A group in Saginaw, Michigan donated 45 liners to their local armory and emailed us the total to include in this project.
We received the following email and hope some of our readers can help with this request. Please email me with any Canadian project info so we can post it for all to find.

Hello Kae,
I have read about the helmet liner project in several magazines and have found your website as well. However, I am Canadian and would like to knit for the Canadian soldiers. Do you know of any projects up here in Canada? Thanks for the help and good luck with the 2010 challenge!


Another great email we received is the following:
I am the volunteer coordinator with the American Red Cross at Fort Dix, NJ.
I decided yesterday (when we gave out the last of our donated knitted helmet liners) that I would start a campaign to have helmet liners knit for the soldier deploying from Fort Dix. We canteen on a regular basis for mobilizing soldiers from all over the country. We recently received some knitted helmet liners and put them out for the soldiers. They quickly disappeared. We wished we had more. I have since sent out word ot all the American Red Cross chapters in New Jersey to help with this project.

Do you have any suggestions or pointers you can offer?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Joan Brown
Volunteer Coordinator
American Red Cross of Burlington County
Fort Dix Service Center

In a follow-up email that we received from Joan after we sent suggestions she offered this additional information about Fort Dix and her situation.

"Fort Dix has just recently merged (Oct 1st) with McGuire AFB and Lakehurst NAS and we have become the nation's 1st megabase. We will have the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines all operating out of this joint base.

"It is an exciting time of change for all. We have 1 Red Cross Service Center located on Fort Dix which will service all branches of the military."
WOW! What a mission and opportunity to serve our men and women in uniform.

My purpose in including the emails in this update is to help these other people with their projects. The reason that Carla and I had teamed up together with K-HeLP is to provide helmet liners for every service man or woman who wants one. The more people who are knitting the faster we will reach this goal.
I am happy to be the contact person for any questions or information you need. Just ask and I'll do my best to find out or help in any way I can.

Happy knitting everyone.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sharing Our Gifts Donation Sent

I decided to participate in this project, found a slipper pattern that seemed simple enough I could follow it and started knitting. The slippers knitted up so fast I decided to do 2 pair with matching hats. They were mailed off last week and have arrived - please click the logo above for a direct link to the donation site and her write-up.

Here are the pictures. Since I find knitted slippers very slick on hard surfaces, I purchased a bottle of 3D fabric paint and decorated the bottoms so that they had gripping power. These are going to a veterans home so I didn't want any 'slip and fall' issues from the slippers.
Here is the link to the slipper pattern I found. It is easy and free.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

911 Helmet Liners Challenge Final Total

WOW!!! The knitters have outdone themselves on this challenge - final total is 1,142 liners knitted and donated. Here are just the 14 I knitted this last week. I decided to display them in the 911 format. These liners must be knitted of 100% wool.
A HUGE THANK YOU to all who knitted and helped promote this challenge. Over one thousand of our troops will benefit from your talent, generosity and time.
Details of the new challenge will follow shortly.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sharing Our Gifts

We are so fortunate to be living in these times where we can stay connected easily, have the knowledge to help others and people such as these to head up projects so we can do so easily.

"So, Project # 1:

Our 50 states tour begins in the beautiful state of Oregon. We will be making hats and slippers for Veterans at the Southern Oregon - White City Rehabilitation Center. It is a 600 bed facility, and I am told that they always appreciate hats and slippers. These can be knitted, crocheted, or sewn. The key is that they must be handmade. If you don't make items yourself, but you want to contribute, you could purchase handmade items at Etsy, Artfire, 1000 Markets,or some other handmade venue."

The above statement is copied directly from the original post. I want to add that I've joined in this great adventure and hope that others will as well. Please sign up by clicking on the logo included in this post - it will take you directly to the Sharing Our Gifts blog.

Happy crafting.


Friday, July 17, 2009

July Happenings Update

July has been a busy month for us. Here is just a little of what we've been doing.

Over the 4th we attended Clarence's 55 high school reunion in Paonia, Colorado, spent a day on Grand Mesa and then came home and created some Squidoo lenes about the trip.

The 911 helmet liners by 9-11-2009 Knit Challenge is busy and I'm grateful to all who are participating. Currently we have 257 liners so please share the pattern and help us reach this goal. We have so many troops deployed where these liners are greatly appreciated. If you get them to us, we will see that the troops receive them. Here is the link to the lens with all the information including the pattern.

We also have an eco-friendly member of the apartment grounds crew that I managed to photograph from our balcony the other day. Thought you might like to see. She is very tenacious when it comes to eradicating morning glories or bind weed.

Another thing we have been really enjoying doing is storm watching from the balcony and we get some beautiful clouds at times. Here is one of my favorite pictures I've taken so far. I'm off to create a lens on Colorado Clouds before long.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Squidoo Lens Update and Vacation Doings

Hi Everyone,

We took a brief vacation and traveled to the western slope of Colorado to attend Clarence's 55th High School Reunion at Paonia, Colorado. We had a wonderful time - he was renewing memories and sharing them with me. I also had a chance to meet people that I've heard about for 50 years and now I have faces to go with the names. In addition to the reunion, we drove to the top of Grand Mesa and took lots of pictures. That will be my next lens on Squidoo so watch for the announcement.

I've just updated the K-HeLP lens and now have 47 helmet liners donated. I'm a long ways from the 911 I'd hoped to have by 9-11-2009 but you don't achieve anything without a goal so I'm off to knit some more. Before I leave however, I want to add that I've created a business card to advertise this project and have given away 5 to potential knitters so I'm hoping the numbers will increase before long.

For any knitters out there - here is the link to the Squidoo Lens where you can print out the pattern and register the number of liners you have donated.

Happy knitting.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Link to my Squidoo Lenses

Here is a handy search link so you can find and read all of my Squidoo lenses - and I hope you will want to. I appreciate all visits, comments and ratings.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update on my current Squidoo lens (web pages)

KNITTING CHALLENGE AND PATTERN - 911 Helmet Liners by 9/11/2009This project is developed to challenge others to knit helmet liners for our troops. These liners are knitted from a specific pattern of 100% wool worsted weight yarn and then donated to our troops that are being deployed overseas. Word back from the deployed soldiers in Afghanistan is that the liners are wonderful in both hot and cold conditions since wool wicks moisture away from the skin.

If you have difficulty reading a knitting pattern, this lens is for you. It takes the above pattern and give explanations and illustrations of the techniques needed to create a helmet liner.

How about some humor to ‘kick start’ your day. This lens is designed to make you chuckle, giggle, or laugh out loud.

A personal glimpse into a sturdy country woman of pioneer stock and how that determination helped shape my view of life.

Some ways to save both money and our planet.

Some of my favorite recipes and tips on how to save money while eating healthy food that is quick to fix.

Squidoo is open to anyone so how about sharing what you know about with the rest of us. It is easy and free to sign up. If nothing else, please visit any of my lenses and comment, rate them and let me know what you think.

I hope that if you decide you want to join Squidoo that you will click on my personal referral link below as I receive credit for all referrals.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Arrived in Colorado Springs

Just a short update. We arrived in Colorado Springs on Feb 25th and found an apartment today. We will move in tomorrow. It is a 2 bedroom with a balcony overlooking the branch library - prefect location as far as I'm concerned. LOL. It is on the 3rd floor - high enough for a nice view but not too high that you can't climb the stairs. Great eastern view of the plains.

More later.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Truth or Consequences

Saguaro Sunset acrylic painting by Kae Elliott of Kae1Crafts

Feb 23 - Monday (Tucson, AZ to Truth or Consequences, NM) We were greeted with sunshine again today as we drove the route through Tucson that Kae used to take to work and past the rail repair yard where we parked our trailer for many winters. Some things had changed in the last 8 years but many things looked much the same. We headed east on I-10 towards New Mexico and enjoyed the openness, our final look at saguaros for this trip and watched for interesting yucca plants, rock formations and just enjoyed the wide open spaces. We lunched in Deming, NM at Rancher’s Grill where we enjoyed a delicious meal and a relaxing lunch.

We took Highway 26 from Deming to Hatch – known for growing chili peppers and soft shelled pecans. At Hatch we turned north and took I-25 to Truth or Consequences. We have stayed in T or C a number of times and enjoyed it each time. The town has grown from a few restaurants, one grocery store and a couple of motels to a sizeable town with a Denny’s, McDonald’s, Walmart Superstore and small shopping center.

Truth or Consequences used to be known as Hot Springs until the Ralph Edwards TV show in the 1950s wanted to name a town after the show. Hot Springs agreed and has profited from the experience. For many years Ralph Edwards returned every year for Ralph Edwards Day and parade.

The hot springs here also have a rich history. They were a favorite healing place for many Indian tribes and the springs were neutral territory or safe zone. Members of different tribes who had been fighting to the death days before would soak side by side in the healing waters of the springs. It was a favorite place for Geronimo (Apache Chief) to come.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving Travel Journal

Feb 17th (Tuesday) – our trailer was picked up and taken to Gib’s RV about 1pm today and we headed down Highway 101 to Brookings, OR (right on the California border) and stayed the night in a motel on the beach. It felt good to actually get started even tho it was later in the day and a short drive. I had a lovely walk on the beach and collected a few more stones and shells to wire-wrap once we get settled. All my supplies are tightly packed in our van at the moment. We are much like a turtle waddling down the road with all of our stuff securely packed under our shell.

Feb18th (Wednesday) – headed south down Hwy 101 – beautiful clear morning with sun and a few scattered clouds. I love this part of the coast drive with breathtaking ocean views and then forested roadsides with moss-covered logs and trees and lovely large redwoods. We took highway 20 east past Clearlake and arrived in Williams, CA.

The van is loaded but still getting fairly good mileage and the new tires handle beautifully. We've only had one luggage upset when Kae stepped on the brakes too hard and a couple of suitcases shifted forward. We got stopped safely and the suitcases were restored to their proper location. Next time I'll just run that yellow light!!!

Feb 19th (Thursday) We left Williams about 8am and headed down I-5 thru Sacramento and then across to Hwy 99. This is an interesting drive past many towns and lots of orchards and vineyards. The almonds and plum trees were in bloom from just before Williams all the way to Bakersfield where we turned east on Highway 58 and over Tehachapi Pass on to Mohave where we spent the night.

Feb 20th (Friday) We headed east past Edwards Air Force Base and Boron and then turned south at Kramer’s Corners onto Hwy 395. We worked our way through the Lucerne Valley down to the Morango Valley and on to Palm Springs where we took I 10 and then the cutoff down past the Salton Sea to El Centro where we headed east on I-8 to Yuma. We enjoy I-8 as there is less traffic than I-10 and it is a fairly good road surface. It takes us past a large sand dune area just west of Yuma where the sand buggies and people are having a great time.

Feb 21 (Saturday) We head east to Tucson and will spend a couple of nights visiting Bud & Jerri Finley (Clarence's sister & brother-in-law) who are wintering there. We have spent many winters in Tucson while RVing and so it feels much like coming home every time we pass through this area. We drove out to Agua Caliente Park and walked around for a while. The lack of extra water in the area has reduced the size of the ponds and lowered the water level but it is still a much loved park filled with people and a wide variety of ducks.

This beautiful painting of a desert scene can be found in my VAST team mate CeeVeeArts store: It is so much like what we are seeing in Tucson that I asked her permission to use it to illustrate this section of my blog and she graciously said yes. Hope you will take a moment and check out her other wonderful art.

Feb 22 (Sunday) We are staying in a Comfort Inn on Tanque Verde in Tucson and they have a beautiful interior courtyard with fountains, birds, pools and a wonderful hot breakfast. I’m ready to just move in and let them feed me and do the housework but guess I’ll save this pampering for special occasions. We played tourist today and took a drive over Gates Pass to Saguaro National Park West and then back to the hotel. We used to stay in an RV park in that area so it was fun to see all the changes and what remained the same. More good food and visiting planned for this evening and then we are off again tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 17th is THE DAY!!!

We have decided to put our trailer on consignment at Gib's RV in Coos Bay, Oregon - they will set the purchase price - and we will start our new adventure. We will be taking the scenic route from Southwestern Oregon thru the California Redwoods then over Tehatchpi Pass and on to Tucson. After a few days visiting in Tucson we will then head to New Mexico and up I-25 over Raton Pass and on to Colorado Springs. We are looking at this trip as part vacation plus the adventure of moving.

Once we arrive in Colorado we will be searching for an apartment and changing our lifestyle from one on wheels to one a little more stationery. In setting up our new household, we will be using thrift stores, moving sales, freecycle and Craigslist in an effort to do this as economically and eco-friendly as possible. Watch this blog to see how we progress.

Any posts in the next few weeks will be sporatic and dependant on time and computer connection availability. Pictures are dependant on my camera arriving from the repair shop before we leave - have my fingers crossed!!!

I've also started writing on Squidoo and hope to have that linked here soon.

See you on down the road.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trailer For Sale Update with Interior Pictures

For Sale
2002 NASH 29V Travel Trailer


Dual Slides
Air Conditioner
“Fantastic” Power Vent
Vent Covers
Queen Bed W/Dual Air Mattress
Bath Skylight Dome
Stabilizing Jacks
Power Hitch Jack
Heat Reflective Windows
Diamond Plate Front Rock Guard
Dual Axle W/Shock Absorbers
Spare Tire
Less Than 500 Road Miles
Many Other Custom Features

Non-smoking and pet free

Phone: 297-4341 Or see at River’s Edge RV Park Space 15

Due to requests to see the interior of our trailer I am posting a tour here.
Starting at the computer area we installed and where I spend much of my time (to the left is the couch that opens into a bed) and then panning around to the kitchen where I love to cook and bake.

NOTE: I don't have a picture of the couch area and the wall at the far end of the couch - my camera quit before I could get a picture of it. There is a full-length mirror on that wall. The couch and computer area are in the front slide-out.

We have a free-standing table which I find very useful for baking and crafting as I can put it where-ever it is the most useful.

The front blind is down for picture taking but allows much light and a view. The gas range runs on propane, the refrigerator is gas or electric and automatically switches if the power goes off, the microwave is electric only.

The refrigerator, front door and tv area, coat closet and hall towards bath and bedroom.

Similiar view as above but showing the movable table in another location.

This view is from the bedroom looking towards the living room and the front door. The shower and toilet are across the hall from the sink.

The bathroom sink is to the left of this image. You are looking at the back door and left side of the island queen bed.

Center view of the bedroom showing the back window.

This view shows the bedroom closet slide out with double closet doors for hang-up clothing, 4 under-drawers and to the right are 4 smaller drawers and a tv cupboard with pull-out tray. It is wired for cable and tv inside the cupboard with electrical plug-in as well.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Announcing Price Reduction on Trailer

After research we realized that $14,900.00 was too high for the current market so so we have reduced the price to $10,900. Please contact me at or call 541-297-4341 for details. Trailer is located in Coquille Oregon 97423 at the Rivers Edge RV Park - space 15.

See picture and description on post below.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone

2009 ALREADY!!! Where oh Where did 2008 go? Time flies when you are having fun or getting older!!! 2008 was a busy, sad, change-filled year.

2009 Goals

1. Sell the trailer so we can continue our move from Oregon to Colorado.
2. Continue thinning, donating and downsizing so our worldly possessions will fit into our van for the move.
3. Once moved, reopening Kae1Crafts and Kae1Supplies.
4. Making the physical and emotional transition from RV living to apartment living.
5. Getting acquainted with our 4 grandchildren.
6. Focusing on ways to reduce our impact on the earth as we start a different lifestyle.
7. Continue with blogging and writing.