Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sharing Our Gifts Donation Sent

I decided to participate in this project, found a slipper pattern that seemed simple enough I could follow it and started knitting. The slippers knitted up so fast I decided to do 2 pair with matching hats. They were mailed off last week and have arrived - please click the logo above for a direct link to the donation site and her write-up.

Here are the pictures. Since I find knitted slippers very slick on hard surfaces, I purchased a bottle of 3D fabric paint and decorated the bottoms so that they had gripping power. These are going to a veterans home so I didn't want any 'slip and fall' issues from the slippers.
Here is the link to the slipper pattern I found. It is easy and free.

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Sinclair said...

Thank you so much for this donation to the Veterans, and for your mention on the blog. I have finished my hat for this project, am knitting a hat for the LYS drive for Head Start kids, and then will begin my helmet liner in Fisherman's wool. Have a wonderful weekend!