Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

Just wanted to take a moment and wish all of my friends a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if that fits better. May you receive love, warmth, good food and time with family and friends.


Monday, November 17, 2008

CHANGES - Moving

For Sale
2002 NASH 29V Travel Trailer

WAS $14,900 NOW $10,900

Dual Slides
Air Conditioner
“Fantastic” Power Vent
Vent Covers
Island Queen Bed W/Dual Air Mattress
Bath Skylight Dome
Stabilizing Jacks
Power Hitch Jack
Heat Reflective Windows
Diamond Plate Front Rock Guard
Dual Axle W/Shock Absorbers
Spare Tire
Less Than 500 Road Miles
Many Other Custom Features
Non-smoking and Pet Free

Phone: 297-4341 Or see at River’s Edge RV Park Space 15
Coquille, Oregon 97423

As you can see, my life and thus the focus of my blog is changing for a while. We are in the process of moving to from Oregon to Colorado to be nearer to children and grandchildren. We lived in Boulder, Colorado for 27 years so we know what kind of climate we are changing to but our main change is from living as full-time RVers to apartment living. After 19 years of RV living we are very accustomed to having wheels under us and the freedom to go where the road leads us and having our home with us.

Because of this move, I've put both of my Etsy stores on indefinate vacation hold until we get to Colorado and after 2009 arrives so that I don't have to calculate state income taxes for a business in two different states this year. That is a real pain - I've done it before!!!

There are a lot of steps or logistics to this kind of lifestyle change as we are currently living in our trailer but need to sell it - timing becomes an issue but we are up to the challenge and have contingency plans in place if the trailer sells soon.

I am posting the picture and details on our trailer for easy access for anyone who is interested. I will keep a journal of the move as we progress. Today I am working on disposing of extra books and magazines which I will donate to the local friends of the library for their next sale. The library and thrift stores here will benefit from this move as we are taking only personal effects and leaving all small appliances and most kitchen ware and restocking when we arrive. That is more cost-effective and trying to move it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008



We all shop for something and the object of this game is to save as much as possible. Since my grandmother and mom did a large portion of their shopping in grocery stores, let’s play the grocery store game. By following a few easy principles we can save a lot on our food bills and reduce the number of times a week we have to eat out because there isn’t anything ready to fix for dinner. As with the previous games, add the savings to a “piggy bank” so we can have a concrete measurement of how we are doing. This time, we are using a separate “bank” from the previous game so we can chart our progress in each area.

Here are the guiding principles of this game:
1. Read and use the weekly grocery ads.
2. Always shop from a written list.
3. Never shop when hungry.
4. Shop alone.
5. Be flexible.
6. Use manufacturer’s coupons when practical.
7. Shop a maximum of 4 times a month.
8. Resist impulse buying.
9. Take a re-useable shopping bag.

These principles look simple and they can be but it usually helps when we understand the pluses and pit-falls of each one so let’s analyze them.

Read and use the weekly grocery ads.

This is the few minutes a week that can really pay off big time in the grocery shopping game.

Loss-leaders: Now stores have items called loss-leaders that they use to get us to come to their store instead of the competing grocery store. We want to use this competition to our advantage. The loss-leaders are items that are selling way below the normal price and often below the wholesale cost. IF this is an item that you use often and it will keep (canned goods for instance) this is the time to stock up.

For instance, say the sale item is canned tomatoes and you know that you frequently use two cans a week, and there isn’t a limit on how many you can buy, you might want to buy 3 months worth (8 cans a month times 3 months equals 24 cans). If the tomatoes usually sell for $1.00 a can and you can buy them for 2/1.00 then you have saved $12.00 and you won’t run out of tomatoes for 3 months.

You save in a couple of ways using this method AS LONG AS you don’t let any of your purchases spoil. First, you have the tomatoes on hand whenever you need them so you don’t have to make a special trip to the store to get some. Second, you have paid half of the regular price for the tomatoes. Third, this form of saving is a short-term hedge against inflation. In three months, the price of tomatoes may have increased to $1.05 a can so over the three month period your savings have grown without you having to do anything.

Now, compare the various grocery store ads and decide on which store has the best sales this week on the most expensive items you need to purchase. It is only time and cost effective to go to one or two grocery stores a week so it is important to decide where your will make the greatest savings.

Make a list for each store and note the items with special prices. Be sure to watch when you are checking out and verify that the scanned price is the correct price. Frequently the scanners are incorrect on sale items and often on the regular priced items as well. Some stores will give you the item free if you catch a scanner error but even if they don’t, you receive the benefit of the correct price every time you catch an error.

Always shop from a written list.

But my memory is fine, you say. Well, so is mine – most of the time. However, it isn’t fool-proof and I’m usually the fool that has to go back to the store to get the key ingredient for the main dish that I forgot because I didn’t use a shopping list. The other problem I frequently have when shopping list-less is buying the same item repeatedly. We had to eat our way through 40 pounds of potatoes one month because every time I went to the store I thought I needed potatoes so I bought 10 pounds. It was quite a while before the family wanted potatoes again after that fiasco!!! LOL.

The picture of the pizza notebook is from a Trashion Team member’s shop NatureMadeScents Think Again Notebook

The Trashion Street Team specializes on creative thinking and making useful items from “trash”. This is just one example.

Next time we will continue with this discussion.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Collage Materials Packets with Blog article offer

Happy Saturday everyone.

I have just listed some Vintage Magazine pages as a collage packet which will include magazine pictures, fabric, a map, old greeting cards and many other goodies. I hope all the collage artists will take a look and then take me up on my offer to feature their creations constructed from the packet on my blog once they have listed the item (s) on Etsy.

Collage Materials Packets with Blog article offer listed in my Kae1Supplies store and the links below will take you to the items.

Hope you all enjoy what you order and receive as I've had a lot of fun making up these awesome packets.
Happy creating.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Can I Do With This? Game

What Can I Do With This?

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

Notice that this pearl of wisdom doesn’t state nine what – stitches, cents, minutes or all of these?

“But I don’t sew,” you say.

No problem. It is very simple to sew on a button or to tack a seam by hand. All it requires is a needle, scissors and thread that matches the garment. In fact, if you secure the buttons before you wear the garment the first time you will probably never have to replace one as they will stay in place. The commercial sewing of buttons leaves a thread hanging and if you pull on that thread your button magically disappears. Once that happens you have to spend more than nine minutes finding another one, more than nine cents to purchase a new one and often more than nine minutes to sew it on if you count the time to get out your supplies, sew and put everything away.

The same principle holds true with many things. If you oil a squeaky hinge when it first starts to squeak, it won’t annoy you as much and it won’t wear out as fast.

Fix a leaky faucet and you save money on the water that drips down the drain and the faucet won’t wear out as fast.

Tighten a loose screw or bolt and it won’t fall out and disappear so you have to purchase a new one or throw the item away because you can’t find one the correct size.

But what if the item does break or wear out? What do you do with it? Throw it away? That is the American way after all – just toss it and go buy a new one. But remember, we are working on not spending extra money but learning how to change our wasteful habits.

The thrifty person looks at it first before tossing it to see if there is any part that can be used for another purpose.

Does it have a handle that will work on that case where the handle broke?

Do the small gears lend themselves to your latest art or craft project?

A plate breaks and after I get through being annoyed I wonder if I can use the pieces as mosaics in the new stepping stones for the patio.

My jeans have too many holes to repair – can I make a purse or an apron or a pot holder out of the useable pieces?

When something at our house breaks I hold it in my hand for a moment and try to imagine a new life for it.

Of course, not everything can be reused but you will find many items that can and save pennies or dollars with a small amount of thought and effort. Remember every penny you save this way you don’t have to pay the government taxes on again so it is really more than a penny saved.

One example of this is, I have a lovely brown stretch top in my shop that had a small spot on the front. Now it looked like new except for this small spot and I couldn’t bear to just toss it. I found a small piece of lace with a flower and leaves in it and cut them out, used some fusible webbing and attached the lace to the top. Then I added some fabric paint and a few amber and topaz colored glass beads. Instead of a spot, now I had a lovely lace bouquet on the front. Since this top was slightly too small as you can see from the picture I listed it on Etsy in hopes it will make someone else’s wardrobe sparkle.

Every item you reuse instead of discarding means that there is one less thing in your trash that you have to pay to have hauled away and one less thing in the landfill.

Reuse, Repurpose, Upcycle, Recycle – make these words a part of your daily life and your piggy bank game will grow rapidly.
I'm in two Etsy groups that focus on reusing and recycling items: EcoEtsy and Trashion. When you visit Etsy, search for trashion or teamecoetsy and you will find a wealth of ideas and products to help you save money and be creative with your own items.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


My grandmother and mother both lived through the ‘great depression’ and learned some very hard fiscal lessons. Money was scarce but taxes still had to be paid on land or the family homestead would be forfeited and sold to pay the taxes, jobs were non-existent or paid very little if you could find one, often workers were paid in local script and that ‘money’ didn’t pay the federal tax bills. Hopefully we won’t experience these dire circumstances again but we can all use some of the lessons to increase our financial well-being.

They lived by some of the sayings that we now call clichés and ignore because we’ve heard them so often. In this series I’m going to examine some of these sayings and see if they are still beneficial today.

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

I know that we’ve all heard this saying so let’s start by analyzing it. In today’s world a penny isn’t even worth picking up – or is it? If we find a penny on the ground and pick it up we’ve gained a little much needed exercise but we’ve also gained a penny that the government isn’t going to tax us for earning. So that penny is automatically worth more than a penny because we haven’t paid income taxes on it or social security (FICA) taxes on it. That probably makes this penny worth at least 1.15 cents or more. Now if we save this penny and put it into our savings account it will start to earn compound interest and be working for us immediately. Just imagine, if we find a lot of pennies, we have increased our wealth by just bending over and picking them up and saving them.

Now if we apply this saying to our spending habits by thinking before we spend our hard earned money, we can increase our wealth by putting the pennies we’ve saved into a savings account and again use the power of compound interest.

About now I can see you jumping up and down and saying, “But I have too much month for my money right now. I can’t save anything because I need every penny for current expenses!”

I won’t question that this is the case but we are on a mission to fix that problem. I hope that some of what I’m writing about will help you accomplish financial freedom from overwhelming bills and money worries.

How do we determine if we are saving money or overspending our income? One of the easiest ways is to write down every purchase for at least a month and then look at where your money is going. Am I spending it on espresso coffee? Cigarettes? Movies? Eating out? Beer? Snack foods? Rent? Gas? Car payments? Or….?

Once I have this information then I can see where my budget is leaking or hemorrhaging money. As a famous TV psychologist is fond of saying, “You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge”. Information about my spending habits is the first step to fixing the problem. After analyzing my monthly expenses here is the next step.

If you are married and/or have children, it is important to involve the whole family in the debt reduction process. Children need to learn about money matters and how to handle their finances and if you work as a family then everyone has a sense of accomplishment as the piggy bank fills.

NOTE: If you have very small children set aside a small percentage of the savings for a reward the whole family can enjoy so that they see an immediate result of saving.


Now you are ready to start playing the Piggy Bank Game. Start playing by picking at least one thing that you are going to reduce or stop buying for at least one month. See how many things you can find that you should or could reduce. If you have an espresso coffee every morning ask yourself if you could make it at home for less money and be just as satisfied. If you smoke, could you cut down one or two cigarettes a day? If you rent movies a lot, could you use the public library and check them out instead. That is free!!!

Once you have determined what you are saving on this month, set up a piggy bank to put your savings into each day. Your piggy bank doesn’t need to be an actual piggy even though that would be fun – use a can with a lid, a jar or whatever you have on hand. You DON’T need to go buy a piggy bank – remember this is about saving money, not spending it!

Paying into the piggy bank is your visible reward for reaching your daily goal. If you drink one less espresso a week, put that amount of money into the piggy bank the day you skipped your espresso. If you smoked two less cigarettes, put the cost of those cigarettes into the piggy bank.

There are three rules to this game:
1. Pay yourself every time you save on what you have determined is your item you are reducing or stopping for the month.
2. Put the money in the piggy bank daily.
3. DO NOT remove any money from the piggy bank until the end of the month.

Once you have done this exercise for a month, count the money in the piggy bank and then take it directly to the bank and put it into your savings account. This is your first step towards economic freedom. Pat yourself on the back and get ready for next month and see if you can save even more.

It is important to continue keeping a spending record of what you are spending each day so you can analyze how you are doing at the end of each month.

Since I like to put a picture into every article and I didn't have a bowl or piggy bank in my shop, I used this beautiful blue felted bowl that is for sale in TanisAlexis shop on Etsy as an illustration of something you could use as a piggy bank. Here is the link to this bowl and other awesome items. She is a member of my awesome EcoEtsy Street Team.

Watch for my next article and please leave a comment if you have found this helpful or not.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How I stopped coughing!

I've been battling bronchitis for about 2 months and a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked if I had ever rubbed eucalyptus oil on the ball of my foot to stop coughing? I'm sure I looked at her as if she were loosing it but I was desperate enough to try anything so I said no and where do you get this oil. Long story short, she had some and gave it to me to try. I was coughing most of the night and not sleeping so I had very little to lose except maybe to have oil on my sheets and smell like a medicine bottle so I put a couple of drops on my finger and rubbed into the ball of each foot and then waited to see what would happen. Now up to this point I had been coughing constantly when up or down, so I went bed and tried to go to sleep - just certain that I would start to cough the minute my head hit my pillow. Boy was I wrong! Instead of coughing, I went to sleep and slept through the night without coughing. Next morning I started coughing again so I rubbed some eucalyptus oil on the ball of my foot and magically the cough went away.

So far, both my husband and I have used this treatment with great success and the oil absorbs into your skin very rapidly so it doesn't stain the sheets or leave a lingering odor after a couple of minutes. My friend said she got the oil at the local health food store.

Now I always like to put a picture into my posts and the only thing I could think of that was connected to eucalyptus was that Koala Bears eat eucalyptus leaves so I decided to link to this ecoetsy team member's shop and her pins that feature Koala Bears. Swirlyarts has these really cute button pins

I hope you will visit her store and purchase a pin to remind you to use the handy eucalyptus oil the next time you are pestered by a cough - and may that be a long time before you need to test out this tip.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Added a Follow This Blog Link

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Lyndel of BearHollowCreations wonderful instructions I was able to add a follow this blog button on the right hand side of this blog and hope that you will do so. If you follow my blog, I'll link to yours.

Fall has officially arrived and with it many activies on my various street teams. The Trashion Street Team has a couple of biggies planned. Watch this space for updates on the Trashion Monster Mash, a Virtual Trunk Show and Save the World Sale.

The VAST (Visual Artists Street Team) has a fall colors challenge so many new items will be posted and I'm sure a lot of lovely treasuries will feature these items.

My OCEAN (Oregon Coast Etsy Artists Network) just finished a local art festival very successfully and now are working on various local events and a rack card to promote our items.

EcoEtsy rocks as a street team and many treasuries are created weekly as well as updates to our web page and the Etsy Mini photos that display our work.

Last but not least, Acetsy and Aceo Bounty Challenge keep creating wonderful ACEO's for all of us to collect and give as gifts.

If you haven't already done so, attend one of the Virtual Trunk Shows in the Etsy Virtual Labs. They are a lot of fun and you get to see wonderful items and learn more about the artists who create these items.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Etsian Injured in Plane Crash

I just came across this article in the Storque and wanted to help spread the word. A lovely young couple were critically injured in a plane crash in Arizona and the Etsy Community is rallying around with prayers, funds and blogging.

Stephanie Nielson was an active blogger and her sister is keeping up with some of the blogging on her own blog with updates on Stephanie and Christian's condition

This is written with my prayers for a speedy recovery so you may both be with your 4 small children soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SALE Section added to my Etsy Store

I've just added a SALE section to my Etsy store. Click on any of the pictures above and they will take you directly to my store. This week I'm featuring great buys on three items of reconstructed clothing. I hope you will check it out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Handy Cleaning Tip

A fall feeling is in the air and makes me think of a crackling fire in the fireplace with me all snuggled up with a cup of coffee (cider, tea, hot chocolate or whatever you want) and some soft music playing in the background. Now this is a lovely picture but how about tomorrow when you need to clean the soot off of that beautiful glass fireplace screen. The picture turns not so pretty unless you use this tip.

First, make sure all the ashes are cold before you try this.

Take a damp paper towel or rag and dip it into the cold ashes. Now smear those damp ashes all over the sooty glass and interior frame (wherever you want to clean off the soot). Let is stand for a couple of minutes and then take a wet rag and clean off the ash mixture. Most or all of the soot should be gone but if any remains, repeat the damp ash treatment. Once all of the soot is gone, either clean with your glass cleaner or just polish with crumpled newspaper. Your fireplace glass screen should be shiny and ready for another good book and crackling fire.

Now if you want to keep your tea warm while you are either cleaning or reading, how about this tea cozy I have listed in my shop?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just added some pics

Since the Sale is over, I've changed the picture display to show items in my own shop. Thanks for viewing and for your visits to the shops participating in the sale and for your purchases.


My VAST street team is having a Labor Day Weekend Sale and so I've added some visuals of the wonderful artwork that is specially priced this weekend. Just click on the picture you like and it will take you directly to the artist's store on Etsy. Happy shopping.

Friday, August 29, 2008

VAST Labor Day Weekend Sale Treasuries

The VAST Labor Day Weekend Sale is in full swing with lots of wonderful art and some of it is showcased in these treasuries. I hope you will check them out and give them some clicks as well as visiting the various stores featured and pick up some wonderful art at affordable prices.

VAST LaborDay Sale!

More VAST LaborDay SALE!

VAST Visions

Thursday, August 28, 2008

VAST Labor Day Weekend Sales Event

The Visual Artists Street Team had such a successful Christmas in July event that we have decided to hold a Labor Day Weekend Sale. At this moment there are 16 shops participating with a variety of discounts available from 25% off everything in my stores to buy two prints and get the third free and a variety of other discounts and programs. I hope you will all take a moment and check it out. This handcrafted carousel book is one of the items in the Kae1Crafts store that will be discounted 25%.

Here is the link to the forum thread with all the latest on the VAST Labor Day Weekend Sale.

And here is the latest list of participating stores:

Here's a list of the VAST shops that are participating in our LABOR DAY SALE:

Whew! That's SIXTEEN Wonderful Art Shops that are participating! Awesome!

and if you count my then there are 17 great places to save a lot of money.

Happy shopping.

Monster Mash Materials Arrived

The Trashion Street Team is holding a Monster Mash and I'm taking part. We have been assigned trading partners and mailed our Monster Materials. Mine arrived yesterday and now I need to see what Monsters emerge from the wonderful box of goodies that NatureMadeScents mailed to me. As you can see from the picture - there are many monsters lurking in that pile of goodies.

We are each to create 2 monsters - one goes into our personal Etsy store and in my case it will be sold in the Kae1Crafts store. The second monster will be sold in the HOST store to benefit Etsians in need. Any further monsters we create from the materials can be sold or given as gifts.

Watch my blog for updates on this Monster Mash with pictures to follow.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hi again,

The VAST Christmas in July sale is still going but there is a new forum link with the lastest info.

Don't miss out on this great sale.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

VAST Christmas in July Sale Continues

Some of the participating stores are continuing to offer bargains through the end of July. Now is a great time to stock up for Christmas and beat the long lines, save on gas and get a jump on that busy time of year.

Here is the link to the forum thread where anyone joining this list will be adding their name and items so check there for the latest offerings.

Here is the current list of Visual Artists Street Team bringing their art to you at reduced prices!


Monday, July 14, 2008

VAST Christmas in July SALE

Here is your chance to put a beautiful piece of original art under your Christmas Tree this year and do it at a great price. The Visual Artists Street Team has some awesome works and they are being offered at great prices. Don't miss out on this sale.

Etsy stores participating in the VAST Christmas in July Sale so far are:

For a preview of the great listings check the VAST Gallery Blog.

Check this thread for updates

And I will blog as I have time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quiltyasin an O.C.E.A.N. Team mate on Front Page


I've been absent for a while dealing with personal stuff but wanted to show off the Front Page debut of Quiltyasin. Congratulations. Your miniature art quilt is lovely.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Treasury experiment


I'm trying an experiment with a treasury I created last night. I selected 12 items to start with and then put out a request to all Etsy Visual Artists to click through the treasury and then comment. I then select an item from their shop (or they do) and put it in the treasury for a while - usually 2 to 3 hours. I will convo them and let them know when the item is in the treasury if they request I do so. (I can't just convo them without permission as Etsy considers that spam and I can have my convo privileges revoked if I do so.)

The main purpose of creating a treasury this way is to give lots of artists some exposure plus introduce people to the VAST and Acetsy Street Teams on Etsy. Many wonderful artists don't appear to be on a street team and are missing out on great group marketing opportunities.

Hope I see you posting in the promo thread:
And clicking and commenting in the treasury:

Hope you enjoy this treasury. Let's all make it wonderful by showing us your work.

Hearts to all of you.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EcoKate has Front Page Treasury

My EcoEtsy team mate, EcoKate has her awesome treasury on the front page. I've captured a screen shot for those who missed it. She is very mathematical inclined if you look at this one. :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kitty 107 on Front Page of Etsy

Congratulations to Kitty 107 on her kitties making the front page. Here is the screen shot and she has the place of honor as the lead photo.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Living With The Angels Treasury

This treasury was created featuring many of my Mother's favorite things. She loved lilacs, kittens, and dogs. She made awesome jams and jellies and her cookies filled the kitchen with wonderful aromas and a hungry tummy with goodness. Sheep, sheep dogs and farm life suited her as did her love of the outdoors, the ocean and water.
A tribute to her had to include a hand sewn item and the apron was very appropriate - as she made her own aprons and then wore them daily.
Thanks to the kindness of Diane Clancy for capturing this screen shot since my photo program was being difficult and I didn't have the time to make it work.
Treasuries - much like life - come and go but now we can view this one as we wish.
Also, thanks to all who have emailed me, made comments on the treasury and convo'd me with hugs, prayers and love. We all appreciate it as I've been sharing the comments with my family.
Hugs back to all of you, my wonderful Etsy friends.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mom is with the Angels

In loving memory of Genevieve Elliott

Everyone eventually comes to this day - the day that their Mother dies. Suddenly you are the older generation. So much of what I am today is due to her teachings, her passions, her love.

My Mom was an awesome cook who baked, canned and provided wonderful meals for her family. Her buttermilk biscuits were light and fluffy, her oatmeal cookies delighted the taste buds, her jams and jellies won many first prize ribbons at the county fair. But she didn't just cook, she also sewed. I remember when I dreamed of having a reversible pleated skirt and we didn't have the money to purchase a 'store bought' one. My Mom helped me find the material that was suitable and then used her treadle sewing machine and painstakingly matched and sewed the skirt. Suddenly I was the proudest girl in high school with my new reversible skirt.

Mom's talents didn't end with the cooking and sewing. She also loved animals and her life on the farm in Southwestern Oregon. She was a master at taming wild kittens when their mom would bring them out to join in the communal feeding in the barn. An injured animal seemed to trust Mom instinctively and allow her to tend to the injury. I once watched her remove a mole trap from my dog's paw. The dog stayed very still - it just whined a little even though it was trapped and in pain - while Mom gently removed the trap. Most people would have been afraid to try, but not Mom.

Lilacs, roses, gladoli and fushias were featured in her garden and yard. Reuse, recycle, upcycle and frugal living were a way of life - at times from necessity but often because it just made sense to this country woman.

A neighbor needs help, Mom was there with a friendly word and always food to comfort and sustain them. Someone was injured, Mom was there with the calmness of spirit and willing hands to take charge and make it better.

Mom has been involved with raising foxes, dairy cows, sheep, cattle, chickens, goats, dogs, cats and kids - and loved them all.

Then came the day that she could no longer manage the farm and we couldn't either so it was sold and she lived in town. One day she fell and broke her hip and with the same patience and determination she had always shown, she walked again, decided to stay in the assisted living facility so her kids wouldn't worry and "because it was just so comfortable, I stayed."

I don't remember a day that I didn't see her with a book to read. Even when her mind began to fail, she would have a book on her lap and proudly state that "I am a reader."

In her memory, I created a treasury of some of the things that I knew that she liked. I hope you will view it and learn a little more about my Mother.

In getting to know her, you get to know me just a little as I find myself doing many of the things that she used to do. I love to cook, sew and read. I find myself reusing, repurposing and recycling many things which has led me to join EcoEtsy and Trashion street teams on

Mom, thanks for all you have given me. Have a wonderful time playing with the angels.



Friday, May 9, 2008

EcoEtsy Treasury on Front Page

Silver of the Valley's treasury just made the front page of Etsy. Here is a screen capture of the treasury for those who missed it.
Here is a link to Silver of the Valley's shop:

Saturday, May 3, 2008

EcoEtsy Team Member on Front Page

Fisheye of the EcoEtsy Street Team made the Mother's Day Showcase on the front page. Congrats!! Her lovely blue pottery pendant is in the lower left corner of the screen shot.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Play a game - feed the hungry

I've come across a site called Free Rice - Nice clickable link on the right - where you can increase your vocabulary and earn free grains of rice to feed the hungry. Every correct multipile choice answer earns 20 grains of rice. Now that doesn't seem like much but according to WikiAnswers - How many grains of rice in an ounce - There are 1000 grains in a ounce. So for every 50 words you get correct you "purchase" an ounce of rice for a hungry person.

This is a great way to learn something, help someone and have some fun or relax all with the click of your mouse. So let's all get to clicking and see how many rice bowls we can fill. 1000 grains fills a bowl and I've filled 7 in just a little while. Now that is 7 ounces of uncooked rice that will fill the belly of a hungry person. Click, Click, CLICK.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Capturing Screen Shots

Hi Everyone,

I've been creating treasuries on Etsy to promote the ACEO Bounty Challenge (link to this challenge under favorite blogs on the right side of this page) and was lead to this handy site for capturing screen shots: You just enter the URL you want to copy and it creates a screen shot for you. I use a PC with XP and it works fine for me.

Here is a screen shot I just took with it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Storque Article Uses my Item Picture

WOW!! I was reading this very interesting article in the Etsy Storque and when I got to the bottom and was looking at the pictures they had selected to go with the article - there was one of my items!!!! {See Kae doing the happy dance} Here is the article link and it is well worth the read.

A big thanks to the author TeenAngster for using my picture.

Bounty Challenge Treasury Screen Capture - And Prize is well over $1,000.00


First of all - the prize for the ACEO Bounty Challenge is now well over $1,000.00. Everyone really, really needs to check it out. There is a link to the details in the upper right corner at the top of my favorite blog links.

I'm determined to find a way to create good screen shots of treasuries to post. Here is my latest attempt of a treasury that I created and really, really like the way it looks. These ACEOs are super hot as far as I'm concerned.

I appreciate any comments you wish to leave.


Friday, April 18, 2008

My ACEO Bounty Card Made Etsy's Front Page!!!

This morning I logged on to my computer and had a flood of emails telling me that my ACEO Bounty Challenge Abstract Spring card was on the Etsy Front Page and some very nice people took screen shots for me. Then another VERY NICE person BOUGHT the card. Now all of this was even better than that first cup of coffee in the morning.
My card is the center image in the top row. :)))

Also, the last word that I had on the ACEO Bounty Challenge was the grand prize is well over $1,000.00 - YES, One thousand dollars and climbing. The amount will fluctuate as cards are added and as some sell. But this in an awesome prize and well worth telling all your friends about.

Here is the link to the ACEO Bounty thread so you can see what all the excitement is about.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ACEO Bounty Challenge - Prize now over $400.00

Hi Everyone,
This is a busy week. I've been participating in both the Storque Earth Day Articles (I wrote one that was published and will talk about it later) and the ACEO Bounty Challenge - I've created some ACEOs and some treasuries.
First, the ACEO Bounty Challenge:
I snagged a Treasury West titled ACEO BOUNTY CHALLENGE
Here is the link
I've focused on the animals for the moment and will switch it around after a while so keep checking. Also, here is the link to the ACEO Bounty Challenge thread in case you missed what this is all about.
One of the challenges was create a colorful bird and here is my entry into that one:
There are numerous challenges and I can hardly wait to create some more. Some lucky person is going to win the ACEOs in this challenge that haven't sold by the time the challenge ends. The prize was valued at over $400.00 earlier today and more entries keep pouring in. Now this is certainly a challenge to follow if you like art at all.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I've created a treasury featuring the talented artists that are participating in the ACEO Bounty Challenge which started today. Anyone can challenge this group of artists to create ACEOs in a theme, style, subject and then the individual members can decide whether or not to create and post their creations for sale. The complete details can be found on the thread and a collection can be seen in the treasury.

Here is the thread link:

And here is the Treasury link:

This challenge has a special reward at the end and often mini-prizes along the way so be sure and check it out. You may just find some awesome mini-art or win a prize.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I've been trying to make it a special project to capture treasuries on Etsy that will feature Earth Friendly items or images of our lovely world as a lead-up to Earth Day. Also, watch the Storque for articles on Eco-friendly and Earth Day activities.

My lastest treasury is here and will last until April 15 @ 11:00pm Eastern time:
EcoEtsy and Trashion Together

Here is just one picture from this treasury with permission from fisheye:
If I get more treasuries after this one expires, check them out too. The more views the better.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Etsy Bloggers and Me

I joined the Etsy Bloggers Street Team a while ago and found it to be a very worthwhile team however in a flurry of interest in being very active on Etsy, I joined a number of street teams and found myself very over-extended so I reluctantly have resigned from Etsy Bloggers. I have left the links to the site ring and the Etsy Bloggers Blog so that others may investigate and enjoy.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Eco Etsy Street Team Scavenger Hunt

The Eco Etsy Street Team is holding it's first scavenger hunt on Etsy this Sunday, March 16th. You have a chance to win prizes donated by the Eco Etsy members. Join in on the fun! The hunt starts at 12pm EST and ends at 12am EST or until all the prizes are spoken for.
You can visit the team blog at more detailed instructions on how to participate.
So come out and celebrate the lucky holiday with us!
*please note
The details of the hunt will not be posted on the blog until tomorrow evening, March 15.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I was lucky enough to get a treasury the other day titled Trashion EcoEtsy and our Earth - this one was so popular that it rose to number two before it expired. I captured a screen shot (sort-of) so that you could see it for a little longer.

The items are all constructed either of discarded materials or are earth friendly items. It is so awesome that you can buy recycled or upcycled and it looks so awesome. Thanks to all of you who checked this treasury out and for creating such wonderful items.

There is a picture of the front treasury page showing that this treasury was in second place but I can't seem to insert the picture into this post so here is the link to view it.


Friday, February 15, 2008

2 Treasuries on Etsy - Check them out

I snagged a regular treasury and a treasury west last night and both feature VAST, Trashion and EcoEtsy items and how well all these concepts fit together. I hope you will look at each item in the treasuries to help them move to the hot list at the front of the treasury list so happy looking.
Here is a link to the main treasury:
And the link to treasury west.
Kae of Kae1Crafts and Kae1Supplies

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eye-Popping Art Featured

Interview with Christine of EyePopArt

How did you get started with your art or craft?

I was 19 years old and living in a studio apartment in Great Falls, Montana with Chuck (who is now my husband, we have been together for 17 years). Chuck had bought some acrylic paints from the hobby store and painted a cool canvas. Then one day I just started painting on this old hardshell suitcase that I had, and found that it was really fun. It got a great reaction from our friends and from then on I was painting mad psychedelic patterns all over everything in sight, seriously, guitars, tabletops, a pop machine, the interior of our car. There are some pictures on my website at

Anyway one day, after we had moved back home to our native town (Portland - we were just in Montana long enough to live in the mountains for a while and then have a baby!), someone gave us some records and that's when the mandala thing really took off. I painted lots of mandalas when my kids were babies, then I went to work in the corporate world for about five years and tried my hand as a vendor at Portland Saturday Market in 1998.
That didn't last, there was just too much going on. We bought a house and I spent my free time painting murals on walls and ceilings. We've been in our house for ten years now. My house was recently featured on "Look What I Did" on HGTV.

So one day I found myself laid off from my big career as a commercial salesperson in the printing industry, and I decided to turn to Trillium Artisans, a local nonprofit, for help in starting up a business and selling my artwork.
Trillium works with low income artisans who use recycled and reclaimed materials in their work. Amazingly enough, I am now employed part time as the Program Coordinator for the organization. I sell my Mandala Record products through Trillium and also help to run the program, which serves a very cool group of about 26 (and growing!) artisans here in Portland, Oregon. Check us out at

What do you find the most satisfying about your creations?

I really enjoy the beauty of the finished product, and I am always eager to finish up a piece so I can simply look at it and love it. Mandalas are just so beautiful, no matter who makes them. I have done some wonderful projects with elementary and middle school kids, and I get the same excited feeling of just loving the design and wanting to see the finished product.

Of course, the process itself is very satisfying too, especially with mandalas because they are so powerful and are used throughout the world for centering, healing, and meditating. I enjoy the process equally when I am the one designing and painting a mandala and when the work is being done by kids under my advice. It's just fun to watch it all come together. There's something about the circle that truly satisfies the soul!

What do you find the most difficult about selling your items?

At shows, it can get really tedious to receive a lot of compliments from people who do not buy. It gets hard to keep smiling and thanking people for their kind words after several hours of no sales. This used to happen to me a lot and was one of the main reasons why I quit doing Saturday Market (both in the '98 season and when I went for it the second time around, between 2004-06). That was before I started making my record cuffs! Since I came up with a wearable product, I've done much better.

The hardest thing about selling on Etsy is just keeping up - with everything. There's so much going on and it's really hard to stay on top of it without feeling like I am getting sucked into my computer and never have time to make stuff!

How about sharing one time-saving or eco-friendly tip with the readers?

Time saving tip: use a planner. Set aside time once a week or even once a day for planning. It helps me stay organized.

Eco-friendly tip: use recycled boxes and packaging materials!

Tell us a little about your personal life â?" married, children, pets, hobbies other than your art, favorite food, place, activity â?" whatever you want to share.

I'm married to my soul mate and best friend, Charles Claringbold aka Chuck Thrust. He's that tall, weird guy with pink socks and dangly earrings and a tribal tattoo (an original Eye Pop design!) around his neck. I am also a doo-wop singer in his band, Dartgun, a loud, rocking indie punk group that performs at Portland rock clubs once or twice a month. Check us out at

Two kids, Tangereen Velveteen, age 13, and Julius Elvis Chaos, age 11. Tangereen is a mad scientist and math whiz, and a beautiful, creative sweetheart. Julius is a flute player, squirrel lover, and comic book artist. Check out his shop at

My other big loves are READING, camping, and playing chess (I'm not very good, but I love it). I also enjoy blogging and you can check out my blog at

Share a favorite quote or thought with us.

Kurt Vonnegut said, "A plausible mission of artists is to make people appreciate being alive at least a little bit."


Saturday, January 19, 2008


**♥** ANNOUNCING the 1st MONTHLY EtsyBloggers TREASURE HUNT-JAN. 19th!!!! **♥**

**♥**JOIN IN THE FUN!!! **♥****♥** WIN YOUR Choice of prizes!!! **♥**

At the end of this post is a list of participating EtsyBloggers Street Team shops. Each shop will have our team logo as one of their item's images in their shop:

The team logo won't be the 1st image for the item, it will be the 5th OR the last image for that item, so you'll need to click on each item to see all the pictures in at least 10 different participating shops to find the logos. Go from shop to shop until you find 10 of the team logos, write down the shop name and also all of the item names which contained the logos. While you're doing this, decide which ONE of those items you would like as your prize. THEN convo StormyDesigns immediately with your finds AND which ONE of those items you would like to choose as YOUR PRIZE!!


The EtsyBloggers Treasure Hunt BEGINS at 12:00 AM EST Saturday Jan. 19 and ENDS at 12 AM EST Sunday Jan. 20 OR UNTIL ALL prizes have been found, whichever comes first, so be sure to start playing as soon as you can after the hunt begins. It will be announced here in this thread when the Treasure Hunt has ended so check this thread for updates.


Limit one prize per person.

You must be an Etsy member to win, buyers and sellers are welcome!

Members of the Etsybloggers Street Team are not eligible to win.

Limit 1 Prize per person. Prize availability depends on how many participating shops there are.


You must convo StormyDesigns with all the info needed and you must have the verification number that StormyDesigns gives in order to claim your prize. To claim your prize just purchase the prize you are claiming without paying and leave it in your shopping cart. The shop owner will be notified of your win and your verification number shortly after you are so they will be expecting your order. You must enter that verification number or convo it to the shop owner so they can verify it with the number that they were given by StormyDesigns. The numbers must match so make sure you get them right.

GOOD LUCK & Have fun playing!!!

The following is the official list of shop links for participating shops:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Polymer Clay Artist Featured - ArtsyClay

Recently I was previleged to have a chance to interview a talented artist who sells on Etsy as ArtsyClay and also blogs. Her colorful creations will brighten anyone's day as will her interview. Happy reading as you get to know ArtsyClay (Judy in real life) and after you've read the interview do visit her blog - link under favorite blogs and then her Etsy shop for wonderful art.



Judy, how did you get started with your art or craft?

I grew up with a very artistic mom and cousins, and we were always making something. As a child, I loved knitting, drawing, painting, decorating my doll house and making my own paper dolls. As an adult, I've taken many classes and tried everything from needle arts to stained glass to macramé to handmade paper. My step-son and I made candles this year for Christmas gifts and coated the kitchen from one end to the other with wax and had a blast.

As far as polymer clay specifically, in 1997 my friend's daughter was wearing the most beautiful necklace with big, bold-patterned, colorful beads. I asked her where she got it and I was amazed when she said she'd made it in school. Her mom told me it was polymer clay and where to buy some. I was hooked immediately! I'm still just as intrigued with it as that first day. There are always new techniques and new ways to combine it with other media, so I never get bored.

What do you find the most satisfying about your creations?

Both being able to control the outcome and not being able to control the outcome. Sometimes I am very intentional about whatever color or shape or specific thing I wish to make. Other times I just put my brain aside, let my inner child play, and whatever happens is a delightful surprise. I also find it very satisfying that I have improved enormously over time. I have kept some of the first pieces I made, and in comparison my work today is thinner, more lightweight, more intricate and more attractive.

What do you find the most difficult about selling your items?

I get very attached to most of them and consider them my babies. It's like sending my child away when I package them up and mail them off. I kiss them and talk to them and love them while I am packing them. My husband laughs at me and thinks I'm totally nuts but it's just the way I am.

How about sharing one time-saving or eco-friendly tip with the readers?

An artist friend taught me this time-saver. If I need to complete a large order or need to make several similar items, the "assembly line" method works well. At Christmas time I usually make a lot of angels which always sell well at my craft shows, so I will cut out 10 or 15 bodies, then make all their faces, then all their hair, etc.

Tell us a little about your personal life - "married, children, pets, hobbies other than your art, favorite food, place, activities" - whatever you want to share.

I am blessed with a large, wonderful family: 3 grown sons from my first marriage, 3 daughters-in-law, 6 grandchildren, my husband Mike, a 17-year-old step son and a lovable mutt named Snooky. I work four days a week in communications for a large health services company and am the church choir director of a teen-adult group. I've been a vegetarian since 1985 and love Chinese buffets.

Share a favorite quote or thought with us.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." - from "The Little Prince" by Antione de St. Exupery

Any final thoughts you want to share.

I always feel very honored that other people enjoy my creations enough to want to purchase them and wear them or give them as gifts. I never dreamed I would become an artist and it is a very fulfilling part of my life!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


This is the first (of I hope many) interviews featuring other Etsy Bloggers in my blog. I plan to ask the same interview questions of each person featured so there will be some continuity in the features. I learned of Mary Lou because of her article on her closet workroom she wrote for her blog. After you've read this interview, be sure to go to her blog and see the awesome workroom she has created out of a closet.

How did you get started with your art or craft?

I have my "nana" to thank as I spent a lot of time in her care as a young child. Being from Portugal, it was instilled in her that girls were to learn from early childhood how to create beautiful items, heirlooms one might say.
Whether it be tatting lace, crocheting doilies or sewing clothing. I was blessed she took the time to teach me and share her talents throughout my growing years.

This picture shows how I feel about my art "As it has taken layers and layers (years and years) into evolving who I am today."

What do you find the most satisfying about your creations?

I find what is most satisfying is the joy I feel when I have decided to let my art come naturally: To create using my own visions, my own ideas and with my own two hands. Of course what we see, read and learn from others all make up what our own visions become, and to be able to express that in some form of art is most satisfying to say the least.

What do you find the most difficult about selling your items?

I get a little melancholy about some of my pieces. The process of going from stage one to final completion has enveloped many ideas, thoughts and memories. After all, that is how my art takes shape. I begin with an idea of what I'd like to create... the thought process starts.... and often pieces have a tucked in memory I might have thought about when creating the piece. So.....sometimes selling my artwork gives me a little tug at my heart strings.

How about sharing one time-saving or eco-friendly tip with the readers?

OK, this tip consists of both time-saving as well as being eco-friendly.
I like to keep 2 baskets close to my work space to catch my discarded fibers, papers and threads.
One basket consists of the small pieces that really can't lend themselves to another project due to their miniscule size. Once this basket is filled, I have a great assortment to make hand-made paper. With all the beautiful threads and fibers in there who needs to add more inclusions?

The second basket is for pieces that are being cut from the main project. These pieces are usually several inches or better. Since I create all the backgrounds I use these pieces lend themselves for future projects like ATC's, collage and even greeting cards.

Tell us a little about your personal life - married, children, pets, hobbies other than your art, favorite food, place, activities - whatever you want to share.

I've been married to the most loving, caring and tolerant man for the last 26 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters.... one of which is profoundly deaf. We use American Sign Language to communicate. I am proudly owned by a 15 year old, blind, toothless and selectively deaf 3 lb. Yorkshire terrier named Chaz.

When I'm not creating art you can find me at my full time job as a medical secretary. I enjoy cooking and my favorite foods are lobster, lobster, and did I mention lobster? I enjoy pretending to be watching a movie. (OK, you caught me.... it's really my way of taking a nap).

Share a favorite quote or thought with us.

My thought for you today is just this: ASPIRE TO BE

Any final thoughts you want to share.

Be who you want to be, create what you want to create. In the process of both, do it to the best of your ability!
Enjoy the process, have fun with it......

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this Etsy Bloggers interview.

Thank you, I am honored that you asked me...... I am worthy!

Mary Lou - mtdesigns4u

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


WHY HANDMADE? You are purchasing higher quality products, made with love and care by the artisan.


"Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a way of being."
Frederick Franck

Friday, January 4, 2008

Taming Etsy Paperwork

I was recently asked how I handled the paperwork for my Etsy shops. Here is my answer. Maybe it will help others.

I've found that I can print the Etsy invoice on one side of a paper and the PayPal info on the other side as my record (and it includes a picture of the item) and the PayPal stuff includes their charges so most of my bookkeeping info in on one piece of paper.

For my customer, I print the PayPal packing slip on one side and the Etsy invoice on the other side and use that as a packing slip. I also copy their mailing address and paste it into a word processing page, enlarge the font and print it on the bottom of the page - now I have a clean, clear and accurate mailing label to tape to the package.

Happy selling.


Etsy Bloggers - Inspiration for All

One of our members has compiled the following list of Etsy Bloggers. Now it is so long that I am just posting the link to it. Take a look.

A clickable link is in the list of links.