Friday, January 4, 2008

Taming Etsy Paperwork

I was recently asked how I handled the paperwork for my Etsy shops. Here is my answer. Maybe it will help others.

I've found that I can print the Etsy invoice on one side of a paper and the PayPal info on the other side as my record (and it includes a picture of the item) and the PayPal stuff includes their charges so most of my bookkeeping info in on one piece of paper.

For my customer, I print the PayPal packing slip on one side and the Etsy invoice on the other side and use that as a packing slip. I also copy their mailing address and paste it into a word processing page, enlarge the font and print it on the bottom of the page - now I have a clean, clear and accurate mailing label to tape to the package.

Happy selling.


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