Sunday, January 13, 2008

Polymer Clay Artist Featured - ArtsyClay

Recently I was previleged to have a chance to interview a talented artist who sells on Etsy as ArtsyClay and also blogs. Her colorful creations will brighten anyone's day as will her interview. Happy reading as you get to know ArtsyClay (Judy in real life) and after you've read the interview do visit her blog - link under favorite blogs and then her Etsy shop for wonderful art.



Judy, how did you get started with your art or craft?

I grew up with a very artistic mom and cousins, and we were always making something. As a child, I loved knitting, drawing, painting, decorating my doll house and making my own paper dolls. As an adult, I've taken many classes and tried everything from needle arts to stained glass to macramé to handmade paper. My step-son and I made candles this year for Christmas gifts and coated the kitchen from one end to the other with wax and had a blast.

As far as polymer clay specifically, in 1997 my friend's daughter was wearing the most beautiful necklace with big, bold-patterned, colorful beads. I asked her where she got it and I was amazed when she said she'd made it in school. Her mom told me it was polymer clay and where to buy some. I was hooked immediately! I'm still just as intrigued with it as that first day. There are always new techniques and new ways to combine it with other media, so I never get bored.

What do you find the most satisfying about your creations?

Both being able to control the outcome and not being able to control the outcome. Sometimes I am very intentional about whatever color or shape or specific thing I wish to make. Other times I just put my brain aside, let my inner child play, and whatever happens is a delightful surprise. I also find it very satisfying that I have improved enormously over time. I have kept some of the first pieces I made, and in comparison my work today is thinner, more lightweight, more intricate and more attractive.

What do you find the most difficult about selling your items?

I get very attached to most of them and consider them my babies. It's like sending my child away when I package them up and mail them off. I kiss them and talk to them and love them while I am packing them. My husband laughs at me and thinks I'm totally nuts but it's just the way I am.

How about sharing one time-saving or eco-friendly tip with the readers?

An artist friend taught me this time-saver. If I need to complete a large order or need to make several similar items, the "assembly line" method works well. At Christmas time I usually make a lot of angels which always sell well at my craft shows, so I will cut out 10 or 15 bodies, then make all their faces, then all their hair, etc.

Tell us a little about your personal life - "married, children, pets, hobbies other than your art, favorite food, place, activities" - whatever you want to share.

I am blessed with a large, wonderful family: 3 grown sons from my first marriage, 3 daughters-in-law, 6 grandchildren, my husband Mike, a 17-year-old step son and a lovable mutt named Snooky. I work four days a week in communications for a large health services company and am the church choir director of a teen-adult group. I've been a vegetarian since 1985 and love Chinese buffets.

Share a favorite quote or thought with us.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." - from "The Little Prince" by Antione de St. Exupery

Any final thoughts you want to share.

I always feel very honored that other people enjoy my creations enough to want to purchase them and wear them or give them as gifts. I never dreamed I would become an artist and it is a very fulfilling part of my life!

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Designs by Jenean said...

artsyclay is very talented. I will check out the etsy shop. I'm always on the look out for unique pendants for my designs.