Saturday, April 26, 2008

Play a game - feed the hungry

I've come across a site called Free Rice - Nice clickable link on the right - where you can increase your vocabulary and earn free grains of rice to feed the hungry. Every correct multipile choice answer earns 20 grains of rice. Now that doesn't seem like much but according to WikiAnswers - How many grains of rice in an ounce - There are 1000 grains in a ounce. So for every 50 words you get correct you "purchase" an ounce of rice for a hungry person.

This is a great way to learn something, help someone and have some fun or relax all with the click of your mouse. So let's all get to clicking and see how many rice bowls we can fill. 1000 grains fills a bowl and I've filled 7 in just a little while. Now that is 7 ounces of uncooked rice that will fill the belly of a hungry person. Click, Click, CLICK.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Capturing Screen Shots

Hi Everyone,

I've been creating treasuries on Etsy to promote the ACEO Bounty Challenge (link to this challenge under favorite blogs on the right side of this page) and was lead to this handy site for capturing screen shots: You just enter the URL you want to copy and it creates a screen shot for you. I use a PC with XP and it works fine for me.

Here is a screen shot I just took with it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Storque Article Uses my Item Picture

WOW!! I was reading this very interesting article in the Etsy Storque and when I got to the bottom and was looking at the pictures they had selected to go with the article - there was one of my items!!!! {See Kae doing the happy dance} Here is the article link and it is well worth the read.

A big thanks to the author TeenAngster for using my picture.

Bounty Challenge Treasury Screen Capture - And Prize is well over $1,000.00


First of all - the prize for the ACEO Bounty Challenge is now well over $1,000.00. Everyone really, really needs to check it out. There is a link to the details in the upper right corner at the top of my favorite blog links.

I'm determined to find a way to create good screen shots of treasuries to post. Here is my latest attempt of a treasury that I created and really, really like the way it looks. These ACEOs are super hot as far as I'm concerned.

I appreciate any comments you wish to leave.


Friday, April 18, 2008

My ACEO Bounty Card Made Etsy's Front Page!!!

This morning I logged on to my computer and had a flood of emails telling me that my ACEO Bounty Challenge Abstract Spring card was on the Etsy Front Page and some very nice people took screen shots for me. Then another VERY NICE person BOUGHT the card. Now all of this was even better than that first cup of coffee in the morning.
My card is the center image in the top row. :)))

Also, the last word that I had on the ACEO Bounty Challenge was the grand prize is well over $1,000.00 - YES, One thousand dollars and climbing. The amount will fluctuate as cards are added and as some sell. But this in an awesome prize and well worth telling all your friends about.

Here is the link to the ACEO Bounty thread so you can see what all the excitement is about.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ACEO Bounty Challenge - Prize now over $400.00

Hi Everyone,
This is a busy week. I've been participating in both the Storque Earth Day Articles (I wrote one that was published and will talk about it later) and the ACEO Bounty Challenge - I've created some ACEOs and some treasuries.
First, the ACEO Bounty Challenge:
I snagged a Treasury West titled ACEO BOUNTY CHALLENGE
Here is the link
I've focused on the animals for the moment and will switch it around after a while so keep checking. Also, here is the link to the ACEO Bounty Challenge thread in case you missed what this is all about.
One of the challenges was create a colorful bird and here is my entry into that one:
There are numerous challenges and I can hardly wait to create some more. Some lucky person is going to win the ACEOs in this challenge that haven't sold by the time the challenge ends. The prize was valued at over $400.00 earlier today and more entries keep pouring in. Now this is certainly a challenge to follow if you like art at all.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I've created a treasury featuring the talented artists that are participating in the ACEO Bounty Challenge which started today. Anyone can challenge this group of artists to create ACEOs in a theme, style, subject and then the individual members can decide whether or not to create and post their creations for sale. The complete details can be found on the thread and a collection can be seen in the treasury.

Here is the thread link:

And here is the Treasury link:

This challenge has a special reward at the end and often mini-prizes along the way so be sure and check it out. You may just find some awesome mini-art or win a prize.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I've been trying to make it a special project to capture treasuries on Etsy that will feature Earth Friendly items or images of our lovely world as a lead-up to Earth Day. Also, watch the Storque for articles on Eco-friendly and Earth Day activities.

My lastest treasury is here and will last until April 15 @ 11:00pm Eastern time:
EcoEtsy and Trashion Together

Here is just one picture from this treasury with permission from fisheye:
If I get more treasuries after this one expires, check them out too. The more views the better.