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This is the first (of I hope many) interviews featuring other Etsy Bloggers in my blog. I plan to ask the same interview questions of each person featured so there will be some continuity in the features. I learned of Mary Lou because of her article on her closet workroom she wrote for her blog. After you've read this interview, be sure to go to her blog and see the awesome workroom she has created out of a closet.

How did you get started with your art or craft?

I have my "nana" to thank as I spent a lot of time in her care as a young child. Being from Portugal, it was instilled in her that girls were to learn from early childhood how to create beautiful items, heirlooms one might say.
Whether it be tatting lace, crocheting doilies or sewing clothing. I was blessed she took the time to teach me and share her talents throughout my growing years.

This picture shows how I feel about my art "As it has taken layers and layers (years and years) into evolving who I am today."

What do you find the most satisfying about your creations?

I find what is most satisfying is the joy I feel when I have decided to let my art come naturally: To create using my own visions, my own ideas and with my own two hands. Of course what we see, read and learn from others all make up what our own visions become, and to be able to express that in some form of art is most satisfying to say the least.

What do you find the most difficult about selling your items?

I get a little melancholy about some of my pieces. The process of going from stage one to final completion has enveloped many ideas, thoughts and memories. After all, that is how my art takes shape. I begin with an idea of what I'd like to create... the thought process starts.... and often pieces have a tucked in memory I might have thought about when creating the piece. So.....sometimes selling my artwork gives me a little tug at my heart strings.

How about sharing one time-saving or eco-friendly tip with the readers?

OK, this tip consists of both time-saving as well as being eco-friendly.
I like to keep 2 baskets close to my work space to catch my discarded fibers, papers and threads.
One basket consists of the small pieces that really can't lend themselves to another project due to their miniscule size. Once this basket is filled, I have a great assortment to make hand-made paper. With all the beautiful threads and fibers in there who needs to add more inclusions?

The second basket is for pieces that are being cut from the main project. These pieces are usually several inches or better. Since I create all the backgrounds I use these pieces lend themselves for future projects like ATC's, collage and even greeting cards.

Tell us a little about your personal life - married, children, pets, hobbies other than your art, favorite food, place, activities - whatever you want to share.

I've been married to the most loving, caring and tolerant man for the last 26 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters.... one of which is profoundly deaf. We use American Sign Language to communicate. I am proudly owned by a 15 year old, blind, toothless and selectively deaf 3 lb. Yorkshire terrier named Chaz.

When I'm not creating art you can find me at my full time job as a medical secretary. I enjoy cooking and my favorite foods are lobster, lobster, and did I mention lobster? I enjoy pretending to be watching a movie. (OK, you caught me.... it's really my way of taking a nap).

Share a favorite quote or thought with us.

My thought for you today is just this: ASPIRE TO BE

Any final thoughts you want to share.

Be who you want to be, create what you want to create. In the process of both, do it to the best of your ability!
Enjoy the process, have fun with it......

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this Etsy Bloggers interview.

Thank you, I am honored that you asked me...... I am worthy!

Mary Lou - mtdesigns4u

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"Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a way of being."
Frederick Franck

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