Thursday, September 4, 2008

Handy Cleaning Tip

A fall feeling is in the air and makes me think of a crackling fire in the fireplace with me all snuggled up with a cup of coffee (cider, tea, hot chocolate or whatever you want) and some soft music playing in the background. Now this is a lovely picture but how about tomorrow when you need to clean the soot off of that beautiful glass fireplace screen. The picture turns not so pretty unless you use this tip.

First, make sure all the ashes are cold before you try this.

Take a damp paper towel or rag and dip it into the cold ashes. Now smear those damp ashes all over the sooty glass and interior frame (wherever you want to clean off the soot). Let is stand for a couple of minutes and then take a wet rag and clean off the ash mixture. Most or all of the soot should be gone but if any remains, repeat the damp ash treatment. Once all of the soot is gone, either clean with your glass cleaner or just polish with crumpled newspaper. Your fireplace glass screen should be shiny and ready for another good book and crackling fire.

Now if you want to keep your tea warm while you are either cleaning or reading, how about this tea cozy I have listed in my shop?


Marionette said...

Just stopping by to say 'hi'! Love your Blog! Thank you for all that you do!

Aloha from Kauai,

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