Friday, May 16, 2008

Mom is with the Angels

In loving memory of Genevieve Elliott

Everyone eventually comes to this day - the day that their Mother dies. Suddenly you are the older generation. So much of what I am today is due to her teachings, her passions, her love.

My Mom was an awesome cook who baked, canned and provided wonderful meals for her family. Her buttermilk biscuits were light and fluffy, her oatmeal cookies delighted the taste buds, her jams and jellies won many first prize ribbons at the county fair. But she didn't just cook, she also sewed. I remember when I dreamed of having a reversible pleated skirt and we didn't have the money to purchase a 'store bought' one. My Mom helped me find the material that was suitable and then used her treadle sewing machine and painstakingly matched and sewed the skirt. Suddenly I was the proudest girl in high school with my new reversible skirt.

Mom's talents didn't end with the cooking and sewing. She also loved animals and her life on the farm in Southwestern Oregon. She was a master at taming wild kittens when their mom would bring them out to join in the communal feeding in the barn. An injured animal seemed to trust Mom instinctively and allow her to tend to the injury. I once watched her remove a mole trap from my dog's paw. The dog stayed very still - it just whined a little even though it was trapped and in pain - while Mom gently removed the trap. Most people would have been afraid to try, but not Mom.

Lilacs, roses, gladoli and fushias were featured in her garden and yard. Reuse, recycle, upcycle and frugal living were a way of life - at times from necessity but often because it just made sense to this country woman.

A neighbor needs help, Mom was there with a friendly word and always food to comfort and sustain them. Someone was injured, Mom was there with the calmness of spirit and willing hands to take charge and make it better.

Mom has been involved with raising foxes, dairy cows, sheep, cattle, chickens, goats, dogs, cats and kids - and loved them all.

Then came the day that she could no longer manage the farm and we couldn't either so it was sold and she lived in town. One day she fell and broke her hip and with the same patience and determination she had always shown, she walked again, decided to stay in the assisted living facility so her kids wouldn't worry and "because it was just so comfortable, I stayed."

I don't remember a day that I didn't see her with a book to read. Even when her mind began to fail, she would have a book on her lap and proudly state that "I am a reader."

In her memory, I created a treasury of some of the things that I knew that she liked. I hope you will view it and learn a little more about my Mother.

In getting to know her, you get to know me just a little as I find myself doing many of the things that she used to do. I love to cook, sew and read. I find myself reusing, repurposing and recycling many things which has led me to join EcoEtsy and Trashion street teams on

Mom, thanks for all you have given me. Have a wonderful time playing with the angels.




Dayna said...

I'm sure your Mom is smiling and is right there by your side. So glad you have wonderful memories and that you shared just a few with us.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Kae, I loved reading about your mom! What a wonderful and full life she's had. I'm sure she was blessed fully, being a blessing to so many.
With sympathy,

fisheye said...

Kae, Your mom sounds like a woman who was into everything - a very modern woman! She surely made a mark on countless people who knew her, and through you, will continue. Thank you for sharing this precious part of yourself.