Saturday, May 31, 2008

Treasury experiment


I'm trying an experiment with a treasury I created last night. I selected 12 items to start with and then put out a request to all Etsy Visual Artists to click through the treasury and then comment. I then select an item from their shop (or they do) and put it in the treasury for a while - usually 2 to 3 hours. I will convo them and let them know when the item is in the treasury if they request I do so. (I can't just convo them without permission as Etsy considers that spam and I can have my convo privileges revoked if I do so.)

The main purpose of creating a treasury this way is to give lots of artists some exposure plus introduce people to the VAST and Acetsy Street Teams on Etsy. Many wonderful artists don't appear to be on a street team and are missing out on great group marketing opportunities.

Hope I see you posting in the promo thread:
And clicking and commenting in the treasury:

Hope you enjoy this treasury. Let's all make it wonderful by showing us your work.

Hearts to all of you.


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