Monday, February 23, 2009

Truth or Consequences

Saguaro Sunset acrylic painting by Kae Elliott of Kae1Crafts

Feb 23 - Monday (Tucson, AZ to Truth or Consequences, NM) We were greeted with sunshine again today as we drove the route through Tucson that Kae used to take to work and past the rail repair yard where we parked our trailer for many winters. Some things had changed in the last 8 years but many things looked much the same. We headed east on I-10 towards New Mexico and enjoyed the openness, our final look at saguaros for this trip and watched for interesting yucca plants, rock formations and just enjoyed the wide open spaces. We lunched in Deming, NM at Rancher’s Grill where we enjoyed a delicious meal and a relaxing lunch.

We took Highway 26 from Deming to Hatch – known for growing chili peppers and soft shelled pecans. At Hatch we turned north and took I-25 to Truth or Consequences. We have stayed in T or C a number of times and enjoyed it each time. The town has grown from a few restaurants, one grocery store and a couple of motels to a sizeable town with a Denny’s, McDonald’s, Walmart Superstore and small shopping center.

Truth or Consequences used to be known as Hot Springs until the Ralph Edwards TV show in the 1950s wanted to name a town after the show. Hot Springs agreed and has profited from the experience. For many years Ralph Edwards returned every year for Ralph Edwards Day and parade.

The hot springs here also have a rich history. They were a favorite healing place for many Indian tribes and the springs were neutral territory or safe zone. Members of different tribes who had been fighting to the death days before would soak side by side in the healing waters of the springs. It was a favorite place for Geronimo (Apache Chief) to come.


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