Friday, July 17, 2009

July Happenings Update

July has been a busy month for us. Here is just a little of what we've been doing.

Over the 4th we attended Clarence's 55 high school reunion in Paonia, Colorado, spent a day on Grand Mesa and then came home and created some Squidoo lenes about the trip.

The 911 helmet liners by 9-11-2009 Knit Challenge is busy and I'm grateful to all who are participating. Currently we have 257 liners so please share the pattern and help us reach this goal. We have so many troops deployed where these liners are greatly appreciated. If you get them to us, we will see that the troops receive them. Here is the link to the lens with all the information including the pattern.

We also have an eco-friendly member of the apartment grounds crew that I managed to photograph from our balcony the other day. Thought you might like to see. She is very tenacious when it comes to eradicating morning glories or bind weed.

Another thing we have been really enjoying doing is storm watching from the balcony and we get some beautiful clouds at times. Here is one of my favorite pictures I've taken so far. I'm off to create a lens on Colorado Clouds before long.

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