Saturday, September 22, 2007

Special Invitation Wine Tasting and Craft Show

A friend was invited to bring her crafts to a wine tasting and BBQ today and asked me to help her and bring my jewelry. We both had a fun and successful day. Fall in Oregon can sometimes be very lovely and today was one of those days. Some clouds, some sun, shade of a fir tree, and appreciative customers. What crafter could ask for more. We were the only crafters invited so we really felt special.
We each had sign for our section of the tables, business cards, and name tags. There were many comments on our nice displays, requests for business cards and some special orders taken. This is a small winery in a country setting and only about 70 - 80 people attended so we were very surprised and pleased at our sales.
Since this was the first time we had joined forces to show our crafts, we were both very pleased at the results.
Just wanted to share the fun with all of you. Here is a picture of my happiness.


RunzwithScissors said...

congratulations -- and send some good vibes our way to AZ if you have some to spare!

Terri said...

Yay, looks like you had a great time!
So cool that you were the only crafters, too :)

kae1crafts said...

Thanks and runzwithscissors, I always send good vibes to Arizona. I love it there.

Janyce said... and crafts together oooooh! what could be better? LOL.

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